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May 13, 2008

Dreams Coming True

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I feel like somewhere I did something right. My life is turning out to be everything I’ve ever wanted to be. I always have had this dream for a normal life: marriage, home, family. But after all the horrors I have faced in my life I never thought I would ever achieve it. But now a man has asked me to marry him–a man I really love. He’s not abusive or hurtful…just a good man. Even as a little girl I imagined falling for a guy like my dad…having the world at my fingertips. Even though that image of my dad is gone in him…I have met a guy who is everything that my dad used to be.

When I told my dad of my fiancee’s proposal he acted like he didn’t care or like he wasn’t at all happy for me, but just the other night dad said he really is happy for me…something I’ve needed to hear and know. With mom no longer living, all I have is my dad. I finally got the words I’ve needed to hear. Daddy’s little girl is finally planting herself in her own life, and not someone else’s.

I know I’ve got a lot to do before I get married and get my life in order, but things are finally rolling in the direction I need them to roll in. Finding my place in this world as my fiancee’s soon to be wife is what I’ve always wanted.

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  1. AquariusGuy says:

    Hey, it’s AquariusGuy from PLM. This post is so uplifting – I’m very glad to hear you’re doing well. Best of luck to you, and I will keep reading! 🙂

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