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June 4, 2008

Moving Soon

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I bought my bus ticket and I leave July 2nd. Wow…this is so final…yet so wonderful at the same time. I’m going to Mississippi to be with my fiancee. We not be very traditional, but we love each other.

I’ll be without a lot of things for awhile…like my computer! I’ll be offline probably for a few months…hopefully not too much longer than that. I’ve got so much to do, though. I gotta figure what I’m taking and all that. I know it’s just a matter of being better organized but it’s also a matter of living without certain things for awhile since I can only take so much with me on the bus.

When we come back up to meet dad is when I’ll get the bulk of my stuff…but I just have to wait. We don’t know when that’ll be, but hopefully it will be within 6 months. But it may be longer since Ron will be going back to work driving truck.

I’m excited about this…but I know I’ll be losing a lot like medical coverage and all that. They have a sliding fee in Mississippi, but no medical coverage for people like me. I’ll find something…eventually.

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  1. AquariusGuy says:

    Wow, congrats and best of luck on the move. We will miss you online! As for the post about church earlier, have you tried the Unitarian church at all? I am not religious, but my wife is. She was catholic, liked church but didn’t believe in all the teachings. She found the Unitarian church to be very accepting of all people and things, and very comforting. Just a thought!

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