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April 11, 2008

Feeling the Economic Pinch

Filed under: Finances — taintedgoth1 @ 12:43 am

I’m sure many of us have noticed that the US has fallen on hard times. If you haven’t noticed then you’ve got to be living in a fantasy world! Because I would be considered poor in the financial scheme of things, things hit me and my family harder than some others who still have a little cushion in their life.

The local economy here is feeling the pinch more than ever before. In my local area there are many factories that build prefabricated and modular homes…it’s actually one of the biggest markets in this area, aside from grocery stores and stores like Wal-Mart. Due to this economic pinch, my dad’s company is laying off 34 workers permanently. We have yet to learn who those people are.

My worry is that one of those men is going to be my dad. You see, because of my disability my dad cares for me and takes care of a lot of my needs. I give all I can but when you’re only making $600 a month then it’s pretty hard to fork out money irresponsibly for things that I don’t need. I pay rent and my phone/dsl bill…I don’t have much left after that…and I use it for necessities or to help a little with the grocery bill. I don’t buy anything special…my life is what you would call minimalistic. I can’t go buy clothes or shoes unless I save up for it…and I’m trying to save all I can for other things.

The things that people take for granted are the things we struggle to keep. Sure I have a computer, but it was given to me for free. I pay my own way….or as much as possible. I just hope this pinch doesn’t put us in such a bind that we will not be able to afford groceries…but I do know the economy is bad.